Our Mission

Speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves

Our Mission

What we do

Help Us Fight Poverty In West Africa

Campaign Against Poverty (CAP) is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1189950) founded in 2019 with one core aim: to help alleviate global poverty. We are active mainly in the UK and across  West Africa.

Concerning West Africa: according to the World Bank, 43 per cent of people living in the region live below the international $1.90 per day poverty line – impacting their access to food and clean water, health care and education. We believe that all people worldwide have an inalienable right to a basic standard of living, free from the suffering of poverty.

We are passionate about working towards global poverty alleviation. Our vision is for a world where abject poverty has been overcome, and every individual has access to the basic necessities of life. With your support, we can make that vision a reality.

West African boy carrying can
In the grip of extreme poverty, the most vulnerable members of society – children, women and the elderly – suffer the most. Help us bring a new sense of hope to all their lives.

Our Aims

What We Do

In the UK  we support Food Bank Centres with regular  food donations 

In West Africa, we undertake, among other things, the following charitable work:

  • • Provide general charitable support to the desperately poor of society
  • • Provide financial support for orphans, the handicapped, victims of child sex abuse and domestic violence
  • • Provide educational material such as books, stationery and computers to schools in deprived areas of the country
  • • Support the progression of human rights
  • • Provide relief to those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability and other vulnerabilities

Moving forward, our medium-term goal is to set up small scale businesses-such as poultry farms, artisan and electrical workshops-with the aim to offering apprenticeship training as well as employment opportunity to unemployed youths in the West African region.

Boy on swing
With your support, Campaign Against Poverty will allow future generations in West Africa to grow up with the same financial security and access to basic social amenities as those in the Western world.

Working together for a brighter future

Where we work

Though our activities will initially be focused on the UK and West Africa, in the long term we aim to expand our charitable activities to other parts of Africa.

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