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Working together to end poverty in WEST AFRICA

Campaign Against Poverty aims to help the poor and deprived in Ghana, West Africa and the developing world in general defeat poverty by delivering humanitarian programs enabling them to attain self-sufficiency. Explore our case studies, below, to learn more about our vital work.

Health Poverty

Providing West African Families with essential healthcare

Educational Poverty

Giving African children the gift of learning

Water Poverty

Giving West Africans access to clean water

How Campaign Against Poverty Will Transform Lives

Our vision is a world where abject poverty has been overcome and where every individual has access to the very basic necessities of life, including...


We will provide upfront investment to allow those without jobs to find work or even to set up their own businesses.


Education is key for the next generation to break free from poverty. We will assist families so children can stay in school and earn vital qualifications.


We aim to provide greater access to clean, drinkable water through investment in new infrastructure and sanitation facilities.


We will provide financial support to those living below the poverty line in Ghana and West Africa so that they can have access to medical care.

Percentage of West Africans living below the international poverty line

The number of Ghanaians without access to clean water

Average life expectancy for Ghanaians

The infant mortality rate in Ghana

Number of primary-school age Ghanaian children not enrolled in school

Working to eradicate poverty inWest African countries including...


Ghana   . West Africa

...Where more than one-fifth of the population lives below the international poverty line.


Nigeria   . West Africa

...Where nearly 70% are in a state of extreme poverty.


Sierra Leone   . West Africa

...Where it is estimated that 60 per cent live in constant hardship


Gambia   . West Africa

,,,Where nearly half of the population is caught in the poverty trap

Helping us to help Ghanaians and West Africans Help Themselves

Campaign Against Poverty is working to coordinate a number of programs across Ghana and West Africa. We believe these programs will transform lives and empower people to become financially stable and economically independent. But we desperately need your help.

West Africans without basic literacy skills
West Africans with no access to healthcare
West Africans without access to clean drinking water